The 5 Best Information Technology Careers

When you think of information technology jobs, you probably think of high-paying, stable jobs and careers. While it is true that the IT field is booming and that it is constantly growing, there is more stability and better wages in some areas of technology than in others. If you are pondering a career in technology, then take a look at the 5 best information technology careers.

1 – Technology Vendors

203303601wfldlwjcyzhWhat is a technology vendor? There are the people responsible for selling technology to other companies. They represent a tech company and then visit different businesses, hospitals, and other settings, to demonstrate the abilities of a particular application, program, or technology. There may also handle the upgrading and ordering of new software and hardware for businesses.

As more businesses become dependent on technology, the need for technology vendors should increase as well. Expect large job growth and decent pay, with a career as a technology vendor.

2 – Health Information Technology Specialist

Even in the health industry, there is going to be major demand for people with IT experience. This is a career that is suited for stability, being a part of the health field and technology field. Some of the jobs that are included in this career path may appeal to you – medical billing, record keeping, and equipment specialists.

Mobile-TechnologyHospitals depend on a large number of machines and electronics. These machines are becoming more interconnected to the network of the hospital, allowing staff to immediately access patient information from multiple sources and transfer data to necessary equipment. In order to keep this equipment running properly, they will need health information technology specialists.

3 – Website Developer

A website developer is a generalized term that actually includes a wide variety of jobs. Essentially, a web developer is someone that develops content that is used online. This may include the actual development and design of a technology (2)website or a specialized web-based application.

The majority of web developer tasks will require knowledge of several different coding languages, including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, and possibly PHP. Other useful languages include Java and C++.

With a variety of jobs within this career path, there is also a wide assortment of average salaries. As a web developer, you could be self-employed or work for a business, handling their own personal web development needs.

4 – Mobile Application Developer

The mobile application developer is similar to the web developer. They are creating content for a specific purpose, except that the content will be viewed on a smartphone or tablet, instead of a web browser.

Smartphones are becoming the most used source for gathering information, checking the news, checking emails, and performing tasks that had been restricted desktop computer and laptops. As more people become dependent on their smartphones and tablets for daily internet use, the need for mobile app developers will increase.mobile1

5 – Software Engineer

technology (3)If you enjoy coding and programming, you will love a job as a software engineer. For those that prefer to write code than to design layouts, software engineer could be a good fit. They focus on creating programs that are going to be used on computers. This covers a wide range of purposes and actual jobs. They could develop a program that provides a specific function for a business or they could work with a video game development team. There are many subcategories to this field.

These 5 technology jobs are just a small group of available career paths for those that are interested in technology. There tend to be stable careers, with a constant demand for new workers. They also tend to require higher education. Even though you could learn the majority of the skills needed to competently perform these jobs, many employers will seek individuals with a bachelor’s degree or higher.

If you are still trying to decide on a career path, and you enjoy technology, then consider one of these jobs and enjoy a long career in a field that should see unlimited growth and expansion.